If you own, lease or operate a quarry, Dirtpak can cover you. We cover all types of machinery, including but not limited to, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Face Shovels, Tipping Trucks & Trailers, Screening & Crushing Plants. The list goes on. No machine or value is too big.

What we cover:

  • We provide Full Accidental Damage Cover for your machinery, in conjunction with a Public Liability that provides you with the important Products Liability section.
  • We also can provide cover if you carry out blasting.
  • We explore the option of higher excesses for certain sections to reduce your premium.
  • For the larger type operator we can provide claims experience discount options.
  • Note Dirtpak is one of the only Liability policies that doesn’t have a ‘Dial Before You Dig’ warranty/penalty.

Need help?

If you would like to get some advice, our friendly staff will be happy to help!

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